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Briefly Hacked, Quickly Eradicated

At the start of this work week Blue MauMau was briefly hacked by a spambot lodged in third-party service software. It tried to use our server to inject spam out to the world. That sparked Google to mark our site for a few hours on Monday with the message, "The website ahead contains malware!"

Buyer Beware

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What Do You Want to Know about 2011?

What information can a trade journal like Blue MauMau provide you so that you can be informed in planning for 2011?

Article Comments Given Own Page

Blue MauMau has just finished a minor adjustment of article comments. Where once comments were posted under an article, they are now posted on their own page that is associated with the article.

Alas I knew him well

The fishy one is sad today. For this was my brother Yorick, hatched of a thousand siblings.

Wendy’s parent interested in Krispy Kreme?

Where Krispy was weak in its abilitity to tap into franchisees and their operating know-how, Arby's is strong.