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Emerging Franchises Report From FranchiseGrade

This report on Emerging Franchises presents statistics on new franchise system performance over a 10 year period.

In Franchising Some Things Never Change

 In my first book Franchising from The Inside Out, I presented The 10 Commandments of Franchising. Now twelve years later, I believe these remain as true today as they did then. I’ve edited them to highlight the most important ones.

A Checklist for Finding the Best Franchise

Prospective franchisees need a checklist for finding the best franchise. The checklist should include the type of territory, type of franchise and the investment. Once a franchise is selected, the next step for finding the best franchise should be checking the franchise performance.

Making a Case for Mandatory Item 19 Disclosure

The US Securities Act of 1933 (the Securities Act) requires that the filing of a registration statement with the Security and Exchange Commission and the distribution of a prospectus in connection with the Initial Public Offering for investors must contain certain financial statements and other financial information regarding the issuer’s financial condition and results of operations.

Franchisee or Franchisor Centric?

Although there may be differences in the way franchisors operate their franchise systems, we can assume with confidence that franchisors intend to develop a franchise network with profitable franch

Franchise Grade's 2016 Top 500 Franchises

The franchise industry is replete with rankings, including rankings of the top 100, 200, 300 and 500 franchises. Some of these rankings are based upon revenue, while others use system size and new franchisee outlet growth as the key determinants. One common thread that runs through these rankings is that the methodology tends to be simplistic and limited.

When Franchising a Business, Apply These Statistics to the Franchising Process

When a company decides to franchise its business, it's important ownership understands the risks.

The franchise model continues to provide a formula for success. However, just like other business ventures, franchising a business carries a certain amount of risk for franchisors.

Why the Franchise Industry Can't Solve the U.S. Wage Problem

Raising the minimum wage in certain industries won't change the economic realities of what's causing the problem.

A Union Ruse to Organize Mom-and-Pop Stores

Steve Caldeira,  president of the International Franchise Association wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal. He describes the strategy of the S.E.I.U. Regardless of whether one represents the interests of franchisors or franchisees, I am of the opinion that this issue is potentially one of the most serious to ever face the franchise industry.

Will Seattle’s New $15 Minimum Wage Unite the Franchise Industry?

A recent vote by the Seattle City Council to increase the minimum wage to $15 has brought heated responses from various members of the franchise community.