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That Was Then

If you’re old enough (and you probably aren’t), you remember when chicken sandwiches were once new, innovative items on fast food menus. And then, when fried chicken took on a less-than-healthful patina, grilled chicken sandwiches were brought in to address issues of healthy preparation. One wonders where the grill lines came from in restaurants that had no char broilers?

It's a Chicken Doughnut!

Everyone is on the qui vive for the next wildly inventive food fad. Who knows, maybe for the next fad even people living here around the global food blog’s mountain redoubt will get a chance to eat/see the exciting new thing. We can all hope.

Chains Stressed by Organic Foods They Demand

The NPD Group tracks a bunch of industries in the U.S. besides the foodservice industry.  In nearly all of those industries we have an “industry expert” to take the long view of industry trends and help clients see the forest for the trees while also pointing out some rare and exotic species in hidden knolls and underneath rotting wood.

All Day Breakfast Isn’t a New Thing

When I was in college on the East Coast, when we were leaving the bars late at night we'd all go "out for breakfast." The food itself wasn't necessarily important but the fact that it would be our morning meal needed to be pointed out. I have since learned that men do this same thing all over the world.

You Can Bring Millennials to Tap Water but…

Out here at the global foodservice blog world headquarters in drought-stricken California there is great concern with the lack of water. A green lawn will make you a social outcast as fast as a few mattresses and rusty cars in the yard will.

300-Year-Old Pretzels and Other Ancient Doughy Foods

My wife and I were at a baseball game recently. Between innings she announced that she was going to get something to eat and drink and wondered (she's so nice) if I wanted anything. Surprising even myself, I said "a big pretzel." She came back with chicken nachos. They were delicious if you ignored the "cheese." There were no "big pretzels" in the zip code.

Cookies for Insomniacs, Delivered

Recently on some screen or another, I fleetingly read that the smart phone is the greatest tool ever invented for getting people to spend money.

Foodservices in China and Russia Swing Up and Down

China and Russia each demonstrated in their own way how things can swing from good to bad and back in a hurry in a developing foodservice market.

The Future of Foodservice Delivery

There is a lot of talk about delivery in the industry these days.  It is easy to get carried away with how important it is.  In 2014 delivery accounted for just under 4 percent of US foodservice industry traffic and is less important than it was in 2006, according to NPD's foodservice market research.

If Chains Are Growing, Why Does Everyone Talk about Independents?

I recently attended an excellent conference in Hamburg, Germany put on by Gretel Weiss, the publisher of FoodService Europe & Middle East magazine. The crowd there was fantastic. There are great sponsors and there is always great content.  One of the presenters waxed eloquent about the dynamic and creative foodservice developments in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, saying that these things were on their way across the US and to Europe.